Kelowna Blow in Mulch Landscaping for Your Home Garden

Kelowna Blow in Mulch for Gardens

Okay, let us all be honest with ourselves. Landscaping is hard. Even when it’s just a little bit, sometimes we just don’t have time or honestly it is just too difficult. Who wants to be outside all day trying to spread bark mulch around? The answer, no one. Which is really sad because mulch looks so beautiful when it’s done right and actually has a lot of benefits in its use.

Mulch, like cedar Kelowna blow in mulch looks amazing for yard projects. It can give the yard or garden that natural look, bringing it all together. Plus, cedar is a natural bug repellent. Yes, no more constant spraying of pesticides!

It’s great as a natural fertilizer too. Mulch puts nutrients back into the soil, helping those beautiful little plant babies grow. Planters are going to be so satisfied as they watch their pride and joy grow, grow, grow! And, if done properly, it can make it so we barely have to worry about weeding. This day just keeps getting better!

With so many benefits who wouldn’t use mulch? Well, a lot of us do not want to take time out of our day to do that. And what if we get done and it’s awful looking? Then we have to try to fix it. No thank you, we need a better option.

That’s where a company with the awesome, amazing, and super efficient blower trucks come in. Whether it be a large playground area or a super small residential yard, these trucks can get the job done.

The trucks use a hose to blow-in mulch to the designated areas. They reduce waste and possible money loss because the hose reaches at least 200 ft long. We don’t have to worry about dragging mulch out by hand or losing some of it. It’s brought right to us in all its glory. Love that.

Mulch, Mulch, Danger?

Now, mulch is amazing. It looks like that final beautiful touch that can work nearly anywhere, but here’s where a couple problems can arise.

Pets, especially dogs need to be taken into consideration when choosing mulch. Some mulch can be toxic to dogs and we all want to know that our little fur companions are safe.

It’s honestly really messy and awful to try and get where we want and only that area. Once mulch is down, it’s down. If that’s in the place we want it then it’s great, but if it’s not then it looks awful. It looks out of place and just ruins the whole idea we were going for.

That’s why blower trucks are the absolute best! And when there is a team of knowledgeable professionals working on it, well, we know that the finished product is going to be story book perfect and safe for everyone! Even our little fur babies.

No Blurry Victory In Delivery

Even better is delivery of mulch. No going and picking it up ourselves. We know that the mulch of our dreams is being brought right to our yard and placed down in beautiful perfection. Unless it’s snowing. If we tried landscaping in the snow we would all freeze into oblivion. Let’s not do that.

So, basically we get to sit back, relax or focus on what needs to be done in our own lives and know that everything will look amazing. What’s not to like about that idea? We all like that idea, who are we kidding.

Mulch is the best. Love it. Need it. It is the final touch that will bring everything together. Definitely messy and time consuming if we try to do it ourselves. But thankfully there are professionals with the right equipment to help match that mulch to our needs. Aesthetic pleasing landscapes here we come!